Dear family, dear sisters and brother in the world.

I’m Samwel from Kenya and nvc trainer by CNVC. I’m staying in Kenya, in rural set-up with over 200 participants in my NVC-Trainings in this region. The region is composed of 60% elderly and over 20% are young boys and girls who are total orphans. Their parents died due to HIV /Aids.

We are in the island of Rusinga, and the economic activity is fishing which was being done at night. Since the corona virus break out the life has really changed. There is a curfew from 7pm to 5pm, that means that the fishermen can’t go fishing, they and their families don’t have any income and the same is true for women who generate income by selling the fish in the market. Things look impossible more so to the elderly and family with the orphans.  That means that they don’t have a chance to get money for buying food. Their ressources are weak too: because of the weather, the last harvest was very poor and they don’t have food in stock.

It’s regrettable that even our health facilities around are equally afraid to attend to a coughing person.

It pains, to see our government not bothering what will happen to the citizens even though I equally understand that they are trying to limit the spread of the virus. I would have loved to see the balance, it’s not there.

I pains too to see our police being harsh to people and to beat them …

In my own capacity, and with the cry of hopelessness of our people here, am reaching out to you, your friends, and group to come to our rescue. I’m requesting for support to help us get food for our elderly and the young orphans who are confused and hopeless. 

The curfew is indefinite, and we are not even sure when it will end.

The elderly and orphans are around 500 households with appropriate 5 to 7 persons in each household. I was thinking if we can raise funds and buy them maize. With maize, and soap am sure we will save many lives. 

Just a proximate budget for a full month:
Each household to get 5 tins which is 10 kg with one bar soap.
Total number in target is 500  by 7 = 3500 0 = approximately $ 34-$ 35
Each tin is ksh. 120 per tin and a bar soap is ksh. 100.

Meaning each household needs:
5tins by 120. Plus a bar of soap of 100. = ksh. 700. (For a month ) =
500 families by 700= KSH. 350,000. (That would feed 3500 people for one month)  

Which is Logistics (Logistics to distribute the food):
To obey government directives, if we raise this I would not wish them to meet in one place to pick the maize , rather we can use our local administration and village health officers to get the maize at their door steps.
 Maybe we use ksh. 100 for each delivery.
(500 by 100) = ksh. 50, 000.
Total cost for the exercise
KSH. 350,000 + ksh 50,000 

KSH. 400,000. = approximately $ 4000 or a bit less, depending on the exchange rate I and my community welcome and appreciate any amount you enjoy donating. I will send you a report when we have shared the food.

Wie kann ich helfen ?

There are different ways how you can contribute financially: 

within Europe you can send to the NGO „Gib mir Zukunft – Give me a Fewchr“ in Darmstadt/Germany, Board members are Irmtraud Kauschat and Christiane Welk, certified trainers with CNVC, who have been coming to Kenya for 12 years (for German people you can get a confirmation for tax reduction) and the money will be transferred in a short time: 

Here is the bank account:

Sparkasse Darmstadt

IBAN: DE67 5085 0150 0042 0041 11 


For other countries you can use and my mpesa account: Sam Ogalah – +254712004561.