Wasser für Othora

Community Empowerment for Action in Peace and Development (CEFAPED) is a community based organization based in Othora village in Ndhiwa sub-county of Homabay county, Kenya ,formed in the year 2010 and registered in February 2015 with the government of Kenya. It is working towards contributing to improved livelihoods through social, economic and educational empowerment among the deprived, excluded and vulnerable community members. It does this through participatory development approaches that put the community at the centre of identification of their needs and generating various ways of meeting them. The organization currently runs economic empowerment program through  savings and loaning (table banking) and a community school.

CEFAPED is managed through a community management committee with a membership of 9 that is gender balanced with the director as the main contact person of the organization and supervisor of day to day running of the programs.

The organization has identified high need for clean, safe and available water to contribute to healthy living among the community members. With the area experiencing dry seasons every year the seasonal rivers go dry leaving the community with the option of relying on a water spring that serves both the human and livestock. Since the population of the community that stands at about 530 persons and about 800 livestock depends on this particular water point, it gets overexploited and in turn gets contaminated hence putting the lives of the people at risk.

The condition of the water spring makes the community vulnerable to waterborne diseases hence increased economic burden. It therefore becomes necessary to construct a protected and secure water point where the spring is and other places to make available ground water that is clean and safe for both human and animal consumption. The ground water is more cost effective as it requires no treatment that will go a long way in cushioning the community against further economic burden. So the community is concerned about the need to have three boreholes sunk alongside the spring to relieve them of the challenge of water.

The total project cost is estimated at Ksh 3 million for the spring and 3 boreholes that can be completed within a period of six months and work is expected to be done within the year 2015. The community is willing to donate land for constructing the boreholes and the water spring and transfer ownership to the organization. 


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