Hello Irmtraud,

Receive my greetings. Personally am doing well in Christ Jesus. I hope that you are also fairing on well on the other side of the world.

I would like to sincerely appreciate and thank you for the financial support you offered me right from high school to college. Actually, you brought light in my life because I was in total darkness in terms of education. My dreams were going to be shattered due to my poor background. My family could not afford fee even for diploma course. But thanks to you, you brought my future dreams into reality.

Let me take this chance to brief you on my experience at the college. Through your support, I managed to compete and interact favorably with other students from diverse background. I also realized that those from humble background can even do better in their studies when given an opportunity to do so. I had a good learning time at the college and I would like to let you know that after my four years of study, I managed to graduate with second class Honors Upper Division. I therefore, owe this result to you since you realized that I had a potential to move to the next level of learning.

The Holy Bible states that it is more blessed to give than to receive. I know that the Almighty God is going to shower you with lots of blessings in your endeavors. May you continue helping others who are in the same social status as mine.  I will always consider you as my mentor.

Since education is a process, I still have the determination to pursue my masters’ degree because I believe I have the potential to further my studies. Once more let me thank you for making me a graduate teacher.

Thank you so much.


Mary Aoko.


könnte ein Text stehen, in dm Ihr beschreibt, was Ihr gemacht habt

Dear Irmtraud,
I would like to sincerely thank you for the financial support you offered me from High school up to university. Actually you gave me an opportunity to better my life. I am humbled and grateful for your assistance because being in a competitive world; it is only through education that one can be independent.
Currently I am employed in a school where I did my teaching practice. Although it is a part time job and on temporary terms but at least I am independent and I can provide for my basic needs. All these achievements are as a result of your support. Thank you so much.
I still believe that I will get a better employment since I   have the qualifications together with my academic documents. You have helped me to attain my dream in life since I always wanted to be independent in life as well as supporting the less fortunate in the society. Thank for the kind heart you showed me. May our Almighty God be your shield and provider in whatever you do. Receive a lot of blessings from the Lord for it is more blessed to give than to receive.
Once again I am happy and delighted for the opportunity you offered me, I lack words to express my feelings but say thank you.
Yours faithfully